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There is almost a sensual longing for communion with others who have a large vision. The immense fulfillment of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe.” ~ Teilhard de Chardan

Color of Woman 2018 Graduation and Guild Gathering, Maui Hawaii

Would you like to be a part of a legacy of women paving the way for others to heal through creativity while prospering and thriving by living their soul work? 

One of the greatest gifts of being part of Color of Woman and completing your Certification, is to be invited to continue connection with fellow graduates from your class year and those who have come before you through the Intentional Creativity Guild. 

Our Guild is over 400 strong with women educated in Intentional Creativity who have a common vision to serve their communities, school system, hospitals, prisons, mental health and social services, and institutions that need our work. Our Guild have worked collaboratively to bring Intentional Creativity to workshops, classes, retreats, cruise ships, and luxury destinations, as well as teaching online. 

We are all about women creating their own content and bringing their work into the world. Here are some of the Intentional Creativity Teachers doing this work, and there are many more…  

Flora Aube is a first year student of Color of Woman and she founded the Art of Allowing Academy – and while her approach has expanded, her roots were nourished in our classroom.  

Catt Geller created Cosmic Smashbooking and is now certifying teachers herself ONLINE, rocking the known world.  

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici created Woman Unleashed, largely rooted in the work, she claims the lineage of Intentional Creativity and she teaches it still to tens of thousands ONLINE, including her wildly popular Virtual Retreats: Woman Unleashed.

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici leading Creativity Unleashed retreat, 2018

Jassy Watson Earthist created Soulscape™ Painting and in 2019 launched her first-ever Teacher Training within our Guild.  

Jenafer Owen created the Jenafer Joy Approach, teaches the best collage of all time online, directs all my high-level programs and guides our graduates to create their own online classes (and is the mother of my God-daughter Hazel!)  

Heidi S. Moondancer founded an online women’s community, serving thousands of women online and inviting Intentional Creativity teachers to share their gifts via online teaching.

Suzanne Grace combined her jewelry making with her painting and has recently engaged in some of the most profound business she could ever imagine with her art, and opened a gallery and workshop for her production called Rock Mama.  

Mandisa Amber, another first year student, teaches within the training and is teaching at a university. She also developed the diversity based curriculum for artists that we are sharing in Color of Woman.  

Emily Grieves founded her own retreat center in Mexico and is teaching Intentional Creativity there!  

And all of these women have also sold their paintings to Collectors! And the list goes on... Can you see yourself sharing a step by step process for women to create a painting of the feminine the way that you have? Chances are many students thought they were not going to be able to do it, but they did! Now, because of our Guild of over 400 teachers worldwide, the world is populated by thousands and thousands of images of the feminine that WOMEN define. Not some magazine cover, Hollywood version of women as symbols for some unmet desire. Nope. We create etheric, empowered, cosmic, rooted images of the feminine and are changing the way our children are raised in a culture that honors and celebrates women.

In 2019 Jassy Watson came all the way from Australia to teach her Soulscape Painting™ process at MUSEA in Sonoma featured here with Guild member Lauren Weatherford.

Shiloh Sophia and Mandisa Amber filming for Color of Woman in 2019

A big focus for the 2021 Training is teaching our students to lead experiences online. Come watch some videos from our Graduates who are doing just that!

What is required for Certification as an Intentional Creativity Teacher? 

As you make your way around the Alchemical Compass, you will be given assignments in painting, written and experiential form. Yes, you will be leading Red Thread Circles, Intentional Creativity Sessions and Painting Workshops while you are in training, which means you have the support of our team and fellow students to answer questions, share ideas and experiences.  We will be focusing on this in an online context for those who cannot gather in person.

At the end of the Training, you will be invited to submit your works through an online format for Certification called an Initiate Book. There is a one-time $250 Certification Fee due in October 2021 which covers your entrance level Guild Membership for the first year, your Initiate Book in our library, your signed certificate mailed by Shiloh Sophia and your Intentional Creativity Teacher graphics for websites and/or business cards, as well as your listing on our Intentional Creativity Educator Directory so people can find your services. 

Here is one of several graphics you will be provided as a Graduate for your website and marketing materials to share about your Certification

About the Intentional Creativity Educator Directory. Where will your dot be?

As a collective Guild, we serve thousands of students each month, both on-location and online around the world. As the word gets out about our Teachers and the services they provide, women from all over are seeking to learn about and experience Intentional Creativity.

Included with your Certification, graduates are invited to be a part of our Intentional Creativity Educator Directory where others can search for you based on location. You are able to create a personal profile of your services and offerings. This was last updated in November 2020.

Go here to view our Educator Directory on the iMusea site. This will open in a new window and direct you to another site.

About Graduation 

Graduation from a 9 month Quest is a big deal! Each year we hold graduation ceremonies on-line with our new graduates and members of the existing Guild to celebrate and witness our journey, and to vision the future together. 

Prior to the pandemic, we also held annual in-person graduation experiences in California, Hawaii, Australia and more... We hope to offer these gatherings again when it's safe to do so. Many of the group photos you see on this website were taken during graduation celebrations.

Here is a photo from 2019 Graduation, where graduates gathered in Australia, and had a Zoom celebration with Shiloh Sophia and graduates attending in Santa Cruz, California.

Color of Woman 2019 Graduation and Guild Gathering : NSW, Australia. Our graduates came together to create an amazing event for our students.

Our Intentional Creativity ‘seal’

Intentional Creativity Teachers sign the back of their paintings with this seal. A gold circle surrounded by a red circle. Sue Sellars used to sign her paintings with a gold thumbprint. When we sign the Intentional Creativity Guild book at graduation for Color of Woman, we sign with this symbol.  

Why? So that in 100 years, when the community living now is returned to stardust…and others find our paintings throughout the world, they will know we were connected. Yes, we are thinking that far into the future. Yet there is another reason – because when we paint the seal on our paintings, we KNOW we are connected, and we contribute our awareness of that connection through the quantum field. When we add the seal, we feel it. We infuse our paintings with this presence, and this love. These are not just art classes, this is a community of women who are studying the philosophy of Intentional Creativity together and choosing to gather.

I have become someone very different than I imagined I could be as a result of this work. And who I am is actually the authentic and empowered me. I teach, I paint, I write, I create content, I collaborate and I love. I might have done some of those things but probably not all of them and not so wholeheartedly. I feel deeply blessed. And you will find deep soul friends who love and support you in this work as well. That might be the best part. ~ Trish O’Malley : United States


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