A call comes from within. Sometimes a whisper that won't go away. Sometimes a flaming roar that lights the darkness with color and sound. Sometimes feeling fed up with circumstances and day to day demands stirs the sleeping one to wake.

A day comes when we choose to live in full color, out loud, fully expressed. No more waiting for the right time. This is Your Time, if not now, then when will there be enough time, resources, and spaciousness?

Choosing yourself, curating your own consciousness, and charting your course ahead feels like saying yes to being on the path of destiny...of soul work.

That day will be an awesome day, right?

That day could be today. Right now! No more waiting. Just stepping into a new space where there is room for all of you to emerge. YES! For 13 years over 1,000 women have said yes to themselves by embarking on a quest to the heart of their Soul Work, it's called, COLOR OF WOMAN, The Intentional Creativity Teacher Training: A 9 Month Quest to the Heart of Your Soul Work

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Color of Woman is ideal for women educators, guides, mamas, and healers. For women who long to serve. For creatives who want to develop a portfolio, create a book that centers on your gifts and tell a new story. For those who want to serve in the great unfolding and have your voice count! And all of this with no need for any previous experience other than a desire to heal, transform and develop your work in the world.

That said if you have lots of experience in the healing arts, that is awesome too, because we have tons of shamans, therapists, doctors, and teachers come into the training. Just last week I talked to a Phd Art Therapist who said:

"Every other part of my education didn't make sense until right now after working with Intentional Creativity. This work brought everything together in a way I could not have imagined! Thank you thank you! I didn't really know what to do with all the skills I had gathered, how to best use them to serve, but now, I do" ~ Color of Woman Graduate who was interviewing for Origins Training

The Healing Arts Matriarch - The 2022 Legend Clan Cura Journey

Based on the legacy of Musea Co-Founder and Curate, SHILOH SOPHIA


Intentional Creativity® Teacher
Certification Training

9 Month Quest to the Heart of Your Soul Work

Experience the Healing Arts of Intuitive Painting + Storytelling

Teach Intentional Creativity® to Your Beloveds

The training is Virtual with optional Retreats at MUSEA Sonoma

Scholarships are based on need. We did run out of available funding in our last training, so apply now to secure your spot.

The Color of Woman Training is delivered 100% online in our Musea Global Classroom and private app. We offer the option to enrich your experience with 4 in-person retreats at MUSEA SONOMA, our Center in California - lodging available. The first event is in November. Apply today and receive Priority Access + $$ savings!

This photo is from our four-day Cura Council Guild Gathering and Graduation in August 2023. We honored Intentional Creativity graduates with ceremony, red thread circle, creative process, meals prepared by Chef Jonathan and more!

A message from Curate, Shiloh Sophia

Dear Ones,

There is always this feeling I get when we open the doors to Color of Woman. Everything that comes after... arises from this work. A global movement, serving tens of thousands of women per month, providing 450k worth of jobs to graduates, founding a museum. Color of Woman is the mother of all of this beauty.

Color of Woman is the name of my first book and the name of my first gallery. This is THE signature course that encompasses my body of work - work that came forward because I said yes to what felt like a Divine Calling to SERVE the Great Unfolding and the Divine Feminine.

The curious thing is that my body of work is designed to facilitate your body of work. My work is about your work. The image and specifically the feminine image, is the way I transfer embodied knowledge to you and you transfer your embodied knowledge to those you long to serve. Intentional Creativity gives you access to your own imagery, ideas, and stories. Through painting around the alchemical compass you repair your relationship with your self image and internal story of who you are. We are here to invite you to do your own healing work so you are healed enough - so that you can call gatherings of transformation for those you long to serve with your gifts. Don't know how yet? We will show you.

The Color of Woman Teacher Training is a sacred container to invite your inner world to become visible in language, image, and embodiment.This nine-month vision quest into the heart of your soul work is unlike any experience you have ever had. You literally paint 7 major paintings and build a portfolio as well as write a book about your experience. And you don't need painting experience! That is part of the magic - you don't need to know how and neither do the people you work with.

We feel that EVERY SINGLE woman can benefit from a Rites of Passage to reclaim her own self image and her own story. Painting with the 13 step process we have shared with tens of thousands will show you how to teach others. This isn't about good painting, this is about good healing. Good healing as we travel around the alchemical compass, creating a painting in each domain all held within the red thread.

During this training we will be journeying through five terrains, moving around a medicine wheel we call The Alchemical Compass. It is alchemical because so much of who we are is being transformed, integrated, and catalyzed.

As we journey into each terrain, we will explore material specific to that place. This prepares us for the next part of the path, building the body of work required for Intentional Creativity® Teacher Certification in painting, writing, and actions that open your future.

This transformation is so life-altering that we need a VERY clear container - hence the compass and archetypes. The intensity of the structure creates the freedom for you to explore your own unique content that you have to offer.

One of the ways we connect in Color of Woman is through our private imusea app. You will gather with your 2024 Cohort in a sacred space free from the distractions of social media. We started our app in 2020.

You are already well on your way and you know that. And, sometimes a community of like-hearted women who are also on a path of rigorous quest and transformation is just what you need to spark you forward into your dreams.

Now you don't need a training to tell you, validate you, put the stamp of approval on you. This is about guiding you to teach others to access their innate self-expression specifically within the feminine archetype. Yet, what many of us do need is a time set apart for self-discovery. A time when we answer a call within and say:

I hear you. Here I am. I am ready to enter a cycle of self discovery and sovereignty.

Since 2012 over 600 students have graduated from MUSEA University Certification Trainings. They call circles, serve in their communities, the school system, hospitals, prisons, mental health, veteran's homes, social services, and institutions that need self-expression as part of their trauma-informed offerings around the world

Our Arts Guild has worked collaboratively to bring Intentional Creativity® into workshops, classes, retreats, cruise ships, and luxury destinations, as well as teaching tens of thousands online. Our graduates like Amber Bonnici of Woman Unleashed, Cat Zelda of Cosmic Smashbooking, and Flora Aube of The Art of Allowing have collectively served over 20k ONLINE! As well as in person.

Here are photos of an in-person retreat co-led by two graduates in 2022, Uma Joy and Olivia Oso. They are both staff at MUSEA Center and have led virtually as well as in person.

Once you submit your application, our team will review it to assess whether Color of Woman is the ideal training to support your journey. You will either receive automatic acceptance to move forward and reserve your spot. Or, you will be invited to book a 1:1 interview and coaching session with Color of Woman Lead Business Coach, Mary MacDonald aka StellaMac. The Legend Course is a pre-requisite, but don't worry if you haven't taken it - we have you covered, but time is of the essence.

Mary MacDonald was at the very first ever LEGEND Course in 2008 and has been the Lead Coach at Color of Woman since 2010. She has worked side by side with Shiloh Sophia for over 18 years.

This is your year to live your Soul Work in Full Color! I can’t wait to see your application come in and celebrate with you  I read every application myself. If you need to talk to someone live we will make that happen. If you need to email me directly with questions about content - shilohsophia@musea.org. For questions on tuition and structure, please read the website first and then email sarah@musea.org.

With love,