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A new Era of Healers and Teachers are Gathering!


A 9-month Journey into the Heart of your Deepest, Soul Work.

Are you called to gather others into circle? To share your deepest knowing and gifts?
What if we could share a process with you that has been practiced by tens of thousands of women around the world to step into calling, self-agency and a life-work that you love?
If you are looking to experience a self-initiation that will call you into the heart of your soul work, this is it. Nothing will look the same after and you will have a portfolio of art that will open your heart, expand your mind and wow your community.

Educate yourself to offer creative arts at the world's largest and well established art movement in the world!

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Intentional Creativity®
Teacher Certification Training

Watch an Introductory video with Shiloh Sophia

Take a 9-month Quest into the heart of your Soul Work

Musea's Virtual Training begins October 1st, 2023

Join the 12th Graduating class in 2024

Based on the work of Shiloh Sophia McCloud

and the enduring legacy and lineage of Intentional Creativity

Color of Woman is an Intuitive Painting + Storytelling Education
to learn to teach Intentional Creativity both in person and in virtual settings.

This 9 Month Quest is Designed for Teachers, Healers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs and Guides at any level of creative experience.

Graduate in 2023 and join our Guild of over 500 Graduates worldwide + attend our annual graduation ceremony.

You don't need a degree or previous training to join us. Color of Woman is for all levels of practice for helping-healing professionals, educators, and healers. However, any previous training you have had will pair seamlessly with our curriculum which is designed to be used in tandem with all healing modalities.

Are you feeling called to create a transformational initiation? You have come to the right place!

One of the great opportunities within Color of Woman training is the option to study in Sonoma CA with Shiloh and your Color of Woman classmates/sisters. The date for this event will be shared with the enrolled students and has an additional fee. The core Color of Woman training is delivered online.

Color of Woman 2022 Rites of Passage Gathering at MUSEA Sonoma

Our MUSEA Co-Founder and Curator Shiloh Sophia invites you to join Color of Woman Intentional Creativity® Teacher Certification Training

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What is Intentional Creativity?

In the words of our Founder, Shiloh Sophia

"Intentional Creativity is a creative spiritual practice, a lifestyle, and a choice of approach for how we do what we do. This way of working can be applied to any medium including painting, writing, sculpting, jewelry, and the arts, but also to cooking, bodywork, gardening, dancing, song, coaching, and conversation. Any medium can be used by people from all professions to easily add this feature to their existing work to offer a fresh, dynamic opportunity for clients to engage in a higher level of healing and consciousness. Any theme from breakthrough to breakdown can be used in tandem because Intentional Creativity is a WAY of WORKING, not the theme.

Intentional Creativity is our inherent way of being when our lives are going well; that is when we do what we do with love. Yet, it is also one of the most potent tools you can imagine to end suffering, create resiliency, state change as well as reduce stress. We aren't just 'making art for art's sake', we are making art with the purpose of transformation.

In Color of Woman, our chosen medium for learning the practice of Intentional Creativity is painting and storytelling and a circle along the red thread. It is also of great importance to us that the work is applicable to activism, what you care about seeing changed in the world, and how you can bring your creativity to that work, as well as images! Every revolution needs artists to tell a more true story of what is happening. And we back up what we do and why it works with the current neuroscience and theories regarding how art can be a part of healing trauma and chosen change.

You just can't believe what happens in women's lives when they spend time creating in this way. It is a gorgeous revelation and I am glad to have this work based on my research and application of the material with tens of thousands of women. The results you experience will speak for themselves. They can't be missed, because, in the end, it is your work that will speak for itself. Most women who graduate feel like it is one of the greatest accomplishments of their life!

When you do what you do with love, in an ongoing practice, you create the Self you always knew you could be. And a woman who is self-expressed and fully engaged and ready to share her gifts is what the world needs right now. But, it is also what SHE needs to continue creating a life she feels good about!"

What is Color of Woman?

Color of Woman is the Intentional Creativity® Teacher Certification Training designed to be a Quest to the Heart of your Soul Work. The curriculum is rooted in the exploration of personal archetypes that moves you through terrains of explorative inquiry and hidden worlds to discover your content. Your content is that which you are here to cause and create. What is yours to do in this lifetime? Once you practice Intentional Creativity, you will see the link between this approach to creating, and your own life work.

This exploration calls upon you to access and unlock your sacred information and how you wish to serve and who you wish to work with. You will begin to develop your creative process unique to you while learning the essential teachings of Intentional Creativity.

Color of Woman shares a lineage of teachings passed from hand to hand and heart to heart. Intentional Creativity is as old as the first humans who created art and our personal story origins date back 100 years. This work invites participants to inhabit the fullness of the Artist-self and learn to guide others to awaken through Intentional Creativity.

The work we do together to create your graduation Color of Woman Portfolio is approached with the context that you are on your own personal quest to search for your own content. As well as training to become certified as an Intentional Creativity® Teacher and begin to share this work with your clients and circles.

What will you experience?

Color of Woman offers you the most comprehensive virtual painting teacher and storytelling certification on the planet and is available through a multi-media-rich curriculum.

Create 5 major paintings as a body of work in 9 months. We begin with the heart of your Legendary Self and then transition to Color of Woman Training where you will complete the remaining Archetypes, Muse, Artist, Alchemist, and Visionary. This dynamic duo, Legend & Color of Woman, co-creates a life-altering transformation, affecting the way you live and see yourself and your story.

Many say they are forever changed after attending Color of Woman. Many also say that the training has opened doors to new worlds they never imagined were possible. And most of all, Intentional Creativity offers a life-affirming process and practice for you to offer to the clients and beloveds that you serve.

and the skill to apply it in your life

Learn to teach Intentional Creativity and apply this approach to your clients, circles and curriculum. Any theme you work with, trauma, grief, breakthrough to breakdown, this work works.

We provide two manuals, the Intentional Creativity Guide and The Way of the Red Thread. Both books were created by our founder Shiloh Sophia and contain the materials you need to learn, practice and then teach this body of work.

and the circle you have been seeking

The Intentional Creativity Movement, Museum, and University have been gathering together for over twenty years. You get to be a part of a weave of circles with women who are doing their own work in the world in kinship.

Our plan is to last for over 100 years, to grow into Elders together as creatives, activists, healers, teachers, and guides to a future we call our own.

and the results of 9 months of devotion

Develop your own body of work with paintings and stories. Each painting you create will become a part of your Portfolio for graduation. The journey is guided step by step.

We provide a private learning community, trained support staff, as many educational painting videos as you can imagine and hundreds of hours of content to explore.

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What will you gain?

Just so much, but here are a few things. Practicing Intentional Creativity opens the internal hidden doors and offers access to consciousness, possibility, aligned entrepreneurship and a community of creatives. We offer an Invitation to dive deep into your innate self-expression.

How will you translate Intentional Creativity into your own teachings?

Access Your Internal Wisdom and Learn to Share Your Gifts

What would you create in your life if you could courageously create a life path that reflects who you truly are, inside and out?

Here at MUSEA Museum and University, we hold true that each woman has an internal codex of information that is unique to her and who she is. Our practice of intuitive painting and storytelling creates the 'perfect storm' that invites this internal wisdom to move from the invisible realms to the visible realms. The painting is the artifact that remains, the evidence, and serves as a visual symbol and oracle of insight.

Develop Your Creative Spiritual Practice and Awaken

How would it feel to have an integrated whole system practice that includes your heart, body, mind, field and soul? Making art can be a sacred practice, a way of being in connection with the Spirit of Life. At times we experience art is a calling from the universe – and our response can be painting images that bring healing and possibility that didn’t exist before. We believe artists, writers, poets, and dancers balance the scales of the universe by contributing to the profound medicine of beauty. Intentional Creativity® brings beauty while creating a deeper level of internal access to the desires of your soul, what we call your soul work.

Connect with a Global Network of Women and Make Friends

Joining this community not only brings unreasonable self-expression and creativity into your life and teachings but there is more. A connection with like-hearted WISE and WILD women around the world - both online and in person. Most people say they have never experienced a community like this before. And while there are over 10,000 women in our forward-facing circle, the Red Thread Cafe, internally we have over 500 teachers who work together and collaborate.

We feel very blessed that each year graduates come back to the training as staff and offer their guidance, unique curriculum, and support for the next year's class. Many graduates teach alongside Shiloh Sophia both virtually and in person. We provide over 40 paid support positions and over $500k per year in income for our graduates within our online and on-location MUSEA Museum and University.

Develop a Body of Work and Learn to Teach

You will be amazed at what you make during this training. A series of paintings that you never dreamed was possible, even without previous skill. A series of poetic storytelling writings that go along with the paintings. As well as developing a new full-color business plan and oracle cards that you make yourself, but that you can also teach.

We have over twenty teaching modules that YOU CAN TEACH and MODIFY to match any theme you want to share with those you are working with.

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What Color of Woman Graduates are saying

"What an amazing experience. Beyond anything I imagined. I have to admit, I thought the course was way seriously expensive. But wow, what I got from it, what you gave, what each staff person gave...worth every single penny. Much more than I anticipated. I love you all. "

~ 2021 Color of Woman Graduate Intentional Creativity Teacher, Robin Wiggs

"Color of Woman changed and transformed my entire life. Both my Inner and Outer worlds. It also catalyzed me to bring a 17-year vision of creating a sacred space for women to remember who they are at a soul level, self-express, and connect deeply to self and each other into form. I am so blessed to be a part of this community and this worldwide movement of healing work."

~ Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Dina Tibbs: United States

"Color of Woman is an incredible journey to examine your heart and soul and learn how to put one foot in front of the other and MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN! This has been so meaningful for me. People who know me see the changes and see me stepping into my life courageously. I have so much gratitude for Shiloh, the many supportive teachers, and my dear sisters traveling this path alongside me. We have all encouraged and witnessed each other on the way. Such a blessing!"

~ Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Patty Iammatteo: United States

"A Symphony of all the Best Women, directed by a Giant Soul..... you all have been enriching with your own “piece of the Red Thread”. I love this magical container SO much! Shiloh... unique among Leaders in her steadfast determination of “sharing the stage” with other Lights... thank you for doing it. For involving all and each one of these Colorful, Unique Sparks in Harmonic Creative Whirlwind here..."

~ Anna Corsini, Color of Woman 2020 Graduate

"The Color of Woman Training changed the direction of my life. I graduated in 2013 & have since taught up to 100 workshops for young girls & women in my local community, nationally & internationally with ongoing retreats in Greece & Bali. I have also plunged into my ultimate dream of pursuing a career as a professional contemporary Australian artist. Color of Woman taught me to take what lives in inside, outside. Forever grateful."

~ Intentional Creativity Teacher, Jassy Watson: Australia

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Are you called to Intentional Creativity?

Whether you have followed Intentional Creativity® for a long time or heard about us from a friend or in an internet search, those who embark on this adventure of a lifetime often say they were 'called'. Some can't explain why, they just know that accessing their inner world through creativity with intention is the thing they have been looking for!

Women in our community long to be a part of something greater, a collective movement to serve and shift the consciousness of our planet, as well as navigate the changing times with resiliency.

Above is a photo from June 2019, when a group of graduates came to support our current Color of Woman students for the Artist Gathering at MUSEA Campus in Sonoma California.

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A Letter from Shiloh Sophia, Curator and Founder

Shiloh Sophia at the MUSEA Intentional Creativity University and Museum in Sonoma, California

Dear Creative One,

Let me tell you how truly grateful I am that our paths are crossing at this time in our lives. This work just lights me up as I have seen the powerful transformation and impact Color of Woman has had on thousands of women from all over the world and all walks of life. 

We have been called together for an adventure in what is possible as we give ourselves permission to DARE to enter the domain of our muse, our own desires for what we truly want in our lives. I have called you and you will call others.
I believe your client beloveds are already calling you. Most of the time our Graduates discover that those they long to serve are the ones doing the calling! I can hear them now, they want to know when you will be having your first workshop. They can't wait to come!

I believe that inside each one of us is the desire to express ourselves and to truly 'be' art. To take up the space that belongs to us and to stop hiding the wild and wondrous aspects of ourselves that have often been 'too much' for those around us. Most of us don't feel at home here, let alone feel like we really 'like' being here. What would your life need to look like in order to say, "I like it here"? Now THAT is a radical question!

This training is designed to cause outrageous self-expression in your life and the lives of those you serve! We offer the tools to express yourself and to share the gift of Intentional Creativity. As we become a more virtual world, our this training will have a specific focus on creating sacred space online and leading in a powerful way.

Creativity can be a miracle formula whose time has come. It has been the best medicine to get me through these times. Because you have access to YOU and your thoughts, you have the ability to live a life you cause and create, even one that you LOVE!

As you go through this 9-month quest into the heart of your soul work, eventually your circumstances begin to align with your ever-evolving illuminated life. When you embody who you know you are destined to be, you can live from an empowered and joyful place even in the midst of the great challenges we face in our lives and in our world. I invite you to explore the constellation of information we have prepared for you and see if you feel called to hold your piece of the red thread and join us.

Many blessings on your path and signed with a splash of red paint,

What Are You Here to Cause & Create?

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