Shiloh Sophia gets real about Color of Woman

This video is best watched with the volume up! Listen as Color of Woman Founder, Shiloh Sophia, speaks to the students of Legend, and shares her concern for our world right now as a powerful message for your own reflection and inquiry to consider whether you are called to spend 9 months dedicated to your own transformation and soul work.

The Great Mountain Reading by Shiloh Sophia

Enjoy this special reading from Shiloh Sophia, inviting you into the forgotten forest of the Muse, where you can explore and remember the codex of your own human design, and choose to exit the paradigms and systems that do not serve the longing of your soul.

Sylvia Speaks: Graduate shares her experience

In June 2021, Color of Woman Graduate Sylvia Becker-Hill visited the Musea Museum for Shiloh Sophia's Kinship with Creation Exhibit Opening and was interviewed by one of our staff members about her Color of Woman experience. Sylvia candidly shares about how she first discovered Intentional Creativity, why she was called to take the training, and exciting news that transpired in her life after completing her Certification. She is even wearing a dress with her own painting as the design!

The Gift Burden Paradox, a Teaching by Shiloh Sophia

This teaching was given by MUSEA Founder, Shiloh Sophia, to the students of the Legend 2021 Cosmic Cowgirls Course to understand the paradox of giving the gift you've been given, and the sacred responsibility that comes along with owning that gift. An invitation to say YES to your sacred assignment.