Gathering in Person!

Color of Woman 2020 In Person Events Around the World!  

Are you called to adventure? In Color of Woman, you journey into the heart of your Soul Work! You will step out of your comfort zone in almost every area of your life - and for some of you that means travel! Time for you to see, smell, taste and experience new things to delight your Muse!  

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to gather in-person with Shiloh Sophia, Jassy Watson - who guides Color of Woman Australia, members of the Intentional Creativity Guild, and your fellow students. While the online curriculum is robust and provides all you need for Certification, there is nothing like being in Red Thread Circle, painting, singing, laughing, dancing, sharing stories and making lifelong connections.  

To support our students to attend in person experiences, you are able to add tuition for these gatherings into your Love Loan if needed. Upon acceptance and enrollment in the training, you will have the opportunity to learn about these events in greater detail and choose which one(s) you may wish to add to your training path. 

For a bit of context, MUSEA is our over-arching community name that includes our sister locations throughout the world and many voices, many colors, many muses. Musea is the plural form of Muse and Museum. We chose this name to represent that there are many of us. We together, are Musea.  

COLOR of WOMAN 2020 Gatherings

Gatherings with Shiloh Sophia COLOR OF WOMAN - United States  

Storyteller: Opening Circle March 1 MUSEA US : Sonoma & Stream Guided by Shiloh Sophia, Mary MacDonald with special guest Yeye Luisa Teish New this year!  

United Nations - Intentional Creativity Gathering March 9 New York with Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud  

Musette - Shiloh Sophia Opening April 25 Tiburon, California Art Reception for 2018-19 Painting Collection

MotherColor April MUSEA US : Sonoma, California and Livestream - Guided by Shiloh Sophia with Jassy Watson, Emily Grieves & Mandisa Amber New this year!  

Invocation: Way of the Red Thread May 29.30.31.* MUSEA US: Sonoma, California Thread Gathering with Shiloh Sophia, Lavender Grace and Dr. Mary McCrystal Third year!  

Lineage July Terra Sophia: Philo, California - Guided by Shiloh Sophia with Uma Joy and Annette Wagner Tenth year! 

VIVID: Annual Intentional Creativity Gathering & Graduation November * Petaluma Hotel, Petaluma, CA Guided by Shiloh Sophia and Mary MacDonald with the Guild - Happens every year but this is the first time with all IC Grads Gathering for one event. 

MotherColour - Mexico 2021 January with Jassy, Emily and Shiloh Sophia  

Questions about Color of Woman Gatherings? 

Gatherings with Jassy Watson COLOR OF WOMAN - Australia  

Storyteller: Opening Circle March 1 MUSEA AU : Earth Circle Studios: Bundaberg  

Working Artist May MUSEA AU : Earth Circle Studios: Bundaberg Guided by Jassy Watson with the Intentional Creativity Guild Color of Woman 2020 + Guild  

Join with the Australia community to work on different workshop formats, techniques, and what it means to be a working artist!  

VIVID : Intentional Creativity Gathering and Graduation October 30.31. + November 1.2.* Brisbane, Australia Guided by Jassy Watson with the Intentional Creativity Guild All Certificate Program Graduates  

Soulscape Teacher Training for Guild and those in training Earth Circle Studios : Bundaberg - February 28.29. + March 1.2. Jassy Watson with IC Guild  

Bali Soulscape Teacher Training for Guild and those in trainer Bali - March Jassy Watson, Jo Laurie and Gisela Pineiro Guild + Color2020 invited  

Questions about AU gatherings? We will share more about the Soulscape Teacher Trainings in coming communications

Global Gatherings Guided by Intentional Creativity Guild  

Storyteller: Opening Circle March 1 Join with others to watch the Livestream from Sonoma and then experience Red Thread Circle with your community.  

Way of the Red Thread Training May 2 Join with other members of your community in a location near you to learn how to lead Red Thread Circles guided by those who have the experience!  

Guild Graduation Gatherings for Color of Woman 2020 November 14 A celebration for those who were not able to attend a graduation in person, to welcome graduates into the Guild by existing Guild members. We will also have a zoom call with all members in the different locations.  

These are held at MUSEA Centers for Intentional Creativity around the world - more locations and leaders will be shared as the project evolves.  

Current Locations: Australia; Christchurch, New Zealand; Teo, Mexico; United Kingdom; Scandinavia; France; Vancouver, Canada; Alberta, Canada.  

In the United States: Sonoma, CA; Centennial, CO; Didsbury; Cleveland, OH; Stevensville, MT; Reston, VA; Herndon, VA; Charlottesville, VA; Pinehurst, NC; Northbrook, Asheville, NC; Santa Fe, NM; McMinville, OR; Minneapolis, MN; Plymouth, MI. ;Washington, DC.; Stoneville, MT.; San Antonio, TX.; Dayton, MD. ; AnnArbor, MI. ; Columbus, OH. ; Winston Salem, NC. ; Ellensburg, WA.  

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This training was and still is the best thing I have ever done! ~ Jassy Watson


Soulscape Painting™ Tree Woman Workshop Guided by Jassy Watson with Shiloh Sophia : October 2019 : MUSEA Sonoma