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Investing in You!

This could be the greatest investment you have ever made in your own development. Many students have told us this is true for them. What you receive access to within yourself, that you can then go on to teach others cannot be measured monetarily. And, we provide tools and guidance to share your work in a way that can return on your investment for years to come. There are women in our Guild community teaching full or part-time, online and in person, with thriving businesses based in Intentional Creativity®. You can read about some of them below and on our Certification page

When considering joining us for Color of Woman, know this: Each woman’s inner wilderness seeks expression – so your client base is literally EVERY single woman. There is no ‘target audience’ or demographic or age. From the age of 6 to 85 we have women working in these mediums. All beings seek the freedom of creation. Not everyone knows they need creativity – but we are doing our best to spread the word, with our work reaching tens of thousands across the world every month. Our goal is to light up the map with Intentional Creativity Educators all over the world. If you are called to join us, we want your dot on this map!

About Tuition

The tuition for Color of Woman is $5,997 USD.

When you apply there is a $100 application deposit which will be applied towards your tuition for the training.

Upon acceptance of your application, there is a deposit to reserve your spot of $1,497 - $100 application deposit = $1,397. If needed, this can be paid in four installments of $350 each.

The remaining balance of $4,500 can be financed for up to 24 months at $212/month.

Additional costs include:

  • $250 Certification fee: Due upon completing your Certification requirements in October 2021 (payment plan available). Go here to learn more about Certification.
  • Materials: The amount you spend on materials will depend on what you already have on-hand. On average, you may spend around $200 to get the basics. You can shop around, look for sales, and create your home studio as you go along. Go here to learn more about materials.

Color of Woman is a significant investment in time, energy, and financial resources. Colleagues in the business of self-development often charge nearly double for trainings of similar structure, and we have not increased tuition for over 6 years. We have a fully dedicated staff, as well as graduates who come back to teach, which are supported by our budget each year. 

If you know you want to join us, we will do our very best to help you make it possible. If you have a financial need, you are welcome to express that in your application for consideration.

Wondering whether Color of Woman is right for you? Continue reading for shares from our graduates + see what they are doing to bring Intentional Creativity into their businesses and sacred work.

"To all the ones who are wondering if they should do Color of Woman: It was too expensive for me but I found a way and I think it was truly worth the money. I still have not done all the painting videos that were offered. No regrets about money. I was not an experienced painter - I turned into one. I wondered whether I could do 5 large paintings in one year - I did 7 and several smaller ones too. I thought I could never be a teacher, but entering the situation I was in my element because I felt so well prepared for the job. I was afraid that I would not be good enough, wild enough, spiritual enough, name it "whatever enough", but Shiloh said to me "Don't ask yourself whether you are enough - ask yourself how to become more your true Self." and I did - and I am enough, more than enough. And finally, I found out how to think for myself. My teachers, parents and friends never taught me, but I needed to be taught. One day, during Color of Woman, I became aware that I had taken a new step - I realized that I thought independently and that I could make my mind up now and stand up for my thoughts, insights, feelings, for me. Wow. I am so happy that I heard the call and answered. Thank you, Shiloh, the whole team, and all sisters! "

~ Huppicke P. Rosenthal : Germany

"Celebration! I'm honored to be now a member of a global movement run by Intentional Creativity teachers, coaches, and artists. Getting to this point during the lockdown life-style caused by the pandemic was the biggest healing and empowerment journey I ever took. I'm now a professional artist selling my own art and empowering leaders in their own evolution by unleashing their creativity and curating their own consciousness.

Thank you Maestra, teacher, and mentor Shiloh Sophia for being such a powerful and inspiring role model. You truly over delivered to a magical degree.

What a journey. This is not the end. Just the beginning of the next expansion."

~ Sylvia Becker-Hill

Painting: Talisman painting called “Pusteblume”, German for Dandelion

"I’ve often likened Color of Woman to a college for women. The Intentional Creativity Teacher Training Certification one can gain from going through the training is as rigorous and thoughtful as any other advanced degree. I feel qualified to make this comparison, as I was a doctoral candidate in a PhD program for Cognitive Psychology.

The Color of Woman course work is so thoughtfully and lovingly organized so as to lead you on a journey into understanding your soul work. I believe this to be a life long missive, but Color of Woman can serve as your launching pad, and also help you work through or out of patterns that are not serving you or your loved ones.

I strongly believe in the work that is done here, and have witnessed first hand other’s transformations as a reader for women who participated in the current class. I think I can state unanimously that we all feel called to serve, maybe in different ways, but helping you on your path to being you as you can be."

~ JP Kim, 2016 Graduate

Painting: The World Between Worlds

United States, California

Business Development and Application of Intentional Creativity in the Marketplace

Our training includes an intensive module on all the basics needed to start or refine one's business - with a comprehensive full color business plan process. Women who are really ready to make a change, not only in the way they are living their life and creating income, but how they are powerfully architecting their futures, are invited to join us.

Imagine having your own classes, workshops, and virtual retreats where you teach and guide women virtually from all over the world! Sound fun? Or perhaps you're shaking in your boots? We will provide a supportive curriculum to help you brave the virtual world, including how we create sacred space online and how we run Zoom technology. This is a new core focus for our 2021 Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.

In our research, we have discovered that the majority of women we work with, whether they are a Doctor, Shaman, Mother, Therapist, Healer, Pastor, Social Worker, Body Worker or a High School Teacher, all are motivated by a desire to serve through their unique voice and leadership. The Color of Woman Training provides an alchemical bridge between service-based leadership and creative fire. Your creative fire gives rise to your unique content, your messages, your sacred activism and your soul work. These women visionaries do not want to sacrifice their creative desires for their work 'in the world'. Women have been waiting too long for 'our time'. This is our time.

Photos from Musea : Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California. In September 2020 Shiloh Sophia held a socially distanced painting gathering called the S7 Society with just 8 women outside. If each person pays $125 or more to attend, you could make over $1,000 in revenue over a weekend.

Watch a video from Intentional Creativity Graduate and "Creativity Counsellor", Gisela Piniero, who lives in Perth Australia, and leads in person and online experiences. Gisela is also part of our Musea Team, and has taught herself many of the technologies needed to create a business online.

We have students who may not have much experience with the online world when they first take Color of Woman, yet if you have a willingness to be open minded and learn, you can really make progress in a short amount of time.

We even have graduates who teach together both online and in person, as we have a beautiful ongoing graduate community.

Intentional Creativity Teacher and PhD, Dr. Mary McCrystal leading Red Thread Circle at MUSEA Campus in Sonoma, California with Shiloh Sophia

Intentional Creativity Teacher Kerry Lee, working with teachers and administrators at Oakbrook Academy of the arts. 

Your Year of Pleasure workshop led by Shiloh Sophia at MUSEA using simple watercolor paper, paints, for a Red Thread Session template that you learn in Color of Woman. 

Intentional Creativity Teacher Jacquie Shenton teaching a weekend 'Our Lady of Balance' workshop in Stamford, UK

You will Gather the Women, and men if you choose: Intentional Creativity can be applied to ANY THEME and shared by ANYONE with a desire to serve. The real question the training invites you to answer on this quest is, what is your content? Through exploring this question, a woman gains the power to curate her own consciousness utilizing the useful tools of intuitive painting, inspired writing, and ritual.

Our teachers lead in diversity from what calls to their hearts. From Red Thread Circles to 13 Step Archetype Weekend Workshops to Weeklong Retreats, as well as Yearlong programs, we teach women who long to lead, how to teach with the power of Intentional Creativity. We have graduates who have created their own schools, online and on-location businesses, opened galleries and centers and have had art shows around the world. But with all of that, this training isn't really about making good art and it isn't about developing a 'style' of painting.  

This sacred work is about expanding awareness and granting access to parts of ourselves we cannot reach otherwise - we need to journey inward. That is why it works with elders and children, in corporate and healing centers, education and hospitals, prisons, social services, and the 'office' of your choice. Some of our over 400 teachers worldwide lead destination retreats and others serve on the front lines of suffering. Where and how are you called to serve? 

What an incredible experience, one filled with such richness on so many levels. By far the best thing I have ever invested in, in my life. You are one incredible teacher and I am deeply grateful for your courage and bravery to create this life changing quest for women worldwide. I am so deeply honoured to be standing here in this circle of amazing women who dared to travel this journey alongside me this past year. Congratulations to each and every one of them. ~ Diane Merpaw : Canada


Apothecary workshop in Sydney Australia taught by Shiloh Sophia, Jonathan McCloud and Lou Reed

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