Thank you for your interest in Color of Woman. Enrollment for 2023 is currently closed. Request to stay informed of when enrollment opens again in 2024, as well as other opportunities to study with Musea University.

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Upon submitting your application, you will be asked to submit a $25 deposit toward the Color of Woman Training. This is to express your commitment to move forward should you be accepted. Upon acceptance, the $25 will be applied toward your training tuition or can be refunded upon request should you choose not to move forward.

Color of Woman begins November 1, 2023, for 9 Months Virtually
with 4 optional Sonoma Retreats.

LAST CALL Enrollment is Open now through September 29th

Our nine-month Journey begins November 1, 2023

Limited Partial Scholarship funding is available

Applications are approved on a first-come basis

When you enroll, our team will walk you through the process to prepare for this powerful experience as you say YES to living your Soul Work!

Color of Woman 2020 Graduate, Sylvia Becker-Hill shares about her experience taking the Color of Woman Training and how it impacted her life.

"Every other part of my education didn't make sense until right now after working with Intentional Creativity. This work brought everything together in a way I could not have imagined! Thank you thank you! I didn't really know what to do with all the skills I had gathered, how to best use them to serve, but now, I do" ~ Color of Woman Graduate

Fill out the Application TODAY and secure your seat for Color of Woman 2023.

Within 48 hours you will receive a Letter of Acceptance or we will contact you with any questions we may have


Reserve your spot and celebrate that you are investing in YOU and your personal education and development!!

"Thank you" isn't enough to describe the gratitude I feel for the opportunity to engage in this experience, and to do so with all of you. I have evolved and grown. I stepped more deeply into myself, and have claimed more space for myself. I feel like I have just begun Life 2.0 as I graduate from Color of Woman. I felt confident in investing in the training because I have experienced that Shiloh delivers on her promises, and Color of Woman was no exception. The depth of the training and personal evolution was like nothing I have ever experienced, even after 15 years of deep personal soul work. I feel like my SELF has arrived and is fully embodied within me. I am so excited to re-launch my services and offerings. I began Color of Woman with the intention to clarify my Body of Work and explore becoming a full-time artist. Both were fulfilled. The entire training was a class act, rooted in love and the cosmos. Deepest gratitude to the entire team, my cohorts, and classmates.”

~ 2022 Color of Woman Graduate Intentional Creativity Teacher, Lisa Martin Naimi: United States


This is how we are supporting you to invest in what matters to you.

Total COLOR OF WOMAN Training Investment = $6,497

During this two-week cycle, 50k in scholarships are available - you may request $1,000 tuition savings as needed.

You can pay in full or in four monthly installments with no finance fee. Or, you can choose a longer payment plan with an 8.5% simple interest rate.

For two weeks only: Now through August 31st

  • We are not charging an initial deposit, $1500 waived.
  • We are offering 50 $1000 scholarships for virtual.
  • We are offering 40 $500 scholarships for in person. 
  • We are offering Financial Aid monthly plans to meet any budget.
  • ONLY for those who truly need it, $250 a month - you must be in good standing with your Musea accounts for this one and the interest rate is 13% for a 24-month plan. 
  • We haven’t raised the price of Certification training for ten years - it fluctuates a bit but it is right about the same.


We will co-create a sacred transformational space rooted in Intentional Creativity, discovery, and visionary-leadership. You will leave the experience with heightened self-awareness and capacity, and with a body of work to be proud of that represents your journey. You will become a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher upon completion of the training requirements. This means you will be empowered and supported to bring your sacred work into the world in a way that inspires you to move into the future.

Revisit the home page for all the juicy details.

WHAT: 40 Weeks - 9 Month Color of Woman Training

WHO: For you for personal or professional purposes

WHEN: November 1, 2023 - July 31, 2024. Every week for nine months

HOW: Delivered via Video Curriculum with Shiloh Sophia + twice monthly calls with Mary MacDonald, members of the Guild. There are times when Shiloh attends the calls, yet you will receive many hours of curriculum taught by her throughout the training.

Color of Woman Gathering on the Mendocino Coast


Teaching Modules from Maestra Shiloh Sophia: How to lead Red Thread Circles, Red Thread Sessions and 13 Step Workshops

  • 6 Foundational Major Painting Modules
  • The Intentional Creativity Guide 250+ pages
  • Red Thread Circle Guide 290+ pages
  • 10+ Intentional Creativity Session Templates and Teachings
  • 5+ Intentional Creativity Painting Course Templates
  • Over 100 hours of Teaching Videos (~3 hrs. of instructional viewing per week)

Community, Circles and Coaching

  • Two Monthly Community Circles with Business Coach, Mary MacDonald, and Guest Teachers using zoom.
  • Monthly Community Circle with Shiloh Sophia and Musea Members using zoom.
  • Graduate Support Team and Private Community Classroom inside the iMusea app.
  • Private Coaching with Mary MacDonald to support you with the business vision of your Intentional Creativity work.
  • Weekly email focusing and tracking ongoing assignments through Certification with Curriculum Director, Jenafer Owen
  • PAINTING MATERIALS: The amount you spend on materials will depend on what you already have on hand. On average, you may spend around $300-500 to get the basics. You can shop around, look for sales, and create your home studio as you go along.
  • CERTIFICATION: If you choose to Certify - because you want to teach the content you are learning in your own circles, workshops, and for use with clients -you must complete all of the required coursework. There is a one-time fee of $250.
  • CREDENTIALS: For MUSEA University Students - Upon completion of the required curriculum, you are eligible for 9 University Academic Course Credits. Adding in-person gatherings increases by 3 credits per gathering.
  • CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION: You receive a signed certificate from Shiloh Sophia. Likely you will receive a digital one at first and then the signed copy to arrive within six months.
  • TIME INVESTMENT: Most of the training will be delivered weekly for nine months that includes live, video, and calls. You will need to spend 4-8 hours a week to complete it in 9 months. How you engage with the material can be on your own schedule within the 9 months.
  • SONOMA GATHERINGS (optional): The entire Color of Woman training and curriculum is delivered online. You do not need to come in person to graduate. Yet, if you can make it to Sonoma, this will be an experience of a lifetime to spend time with Shiloh Sophia and your fellow cohort studying at our amazing school and museum located in the heart of California. There is a separate tuition for these events. More information will be provided upon enrollment.

If you feel the call to join Color of Woman, we will do our very best to make it affordable for you.

Shiloh Sophia's outdoor studio in her home she calls "Heartwood Resort" as she films Legend 2021

A Red Thread Runs Through Us

by Intentional Creativity Teacher, Phyllis Taylor

Color of Woman has no barriers. From women in their 20s to our elders in their 80s, every woman who is called is invited to join us!

Each year we have women say YES from all over the world - United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and many other countries and islands across the map.

With over 600 Intentional Creativity graduates worldwide, we ask you, where will your dot be on our map of Global Intentional Creativity Teachers, Coaches, and Guides!

Past Graduates have said...

"What an incredible experience, one filled with such richness on so many levels. By far the best thing I have ever invested in, in my life. You are one incredible teacher; I am deeply grateful for your courage and bravery to create this life changing quest for women worldwide. I am so deeply honored to be standing here in this circle of amazing women who dared to travel this journey alongside me this past year. Congratulations to each and every one of them." ~ Diane Merpaw: Canada

"The Color of Woman Training changed the direction of my life. I graduated in 2013 & have since taught up to 100 workshops for young girls & women in my local community, nationally & internationally with ongoing retreats in Greece & Bali. I have also plunged into my ultimate dream of pursuing a career as a professional contemporary Australian artist. Color of Woman taught me to take what lives in inside, outside. Forever grateful." ~ Intentional Creativity Teacher, Jassy Watson: Australia, 2013

"A Symphony of all the Best Women, directed by a Giant Soul..... you all have been enriching with your own “piece of the Red Thread”. I love this magical container SO much! Shiloh... unique among Leaders in her steadfast determination of “sharing the stage” with other Lights... thank you for doing it. For involving all and each one of these Colorful, Unique Sparks in Harmonic Creative Whirlwind here..." ~ Anna Corsini, Color of Woman 2020 Graduate

"Color of Woman changed and transformed my entire life. Both my Inner and Outer worlds. It also catalyzed me to bring a 17-year vision of creating a sacred space for women to remember who they are at a soul level, self-express, and connect deeply to self and each other into form. I am so blessed to be a part of this community and this worldwide movement of healing work." ~ Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Dina Tibbs: United States, 2016

"Shiloh, you awoke a part of me that was asleep. I mark the Color of Woman course as a year that shook me to the bone. Before I was just sleepwalking through this life. I see that through your brush you wave it like a wand. Bringing magic and truth to women who are sleeping." ~ Sarah Sutton

We will guide you every step on the path to prepare for your quest!

Have a question? Here's what to do...

We encourage you to review this website to educate yourself about the training. We do our best to share as much as we can to support you in learning what Color of Woman is all about and feeling empowered to make the decision that feels right for you.

If you would like to speak with a graduate or have a general question about tuition or the training itself, please contact MUSEA Communications Director - Sarah Mardell:

If your question is more personal or related to the curriculum itself, please contact Color of Woman Director - Jenafer Owen:

A Graduate of 2019 Color of Woman Archetypal Paintings
She gifted herself Color of Woman as a present for her 60th birthday!

Each is one of the 5 Archetypal paintings you will create with your own flavor and style.

Get ready for BIG strokes and BOLD color!