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In 2020, MUSEA launched a revolutionary online and on-location Museum, led by Co-Founders, Shiloh Sophia and Jonathan McCloud and many members of our Intentional Creativity Guild, who we refer to as Musea Co-Curators. As a Color of Woman Graduate, you will have opportunities to contribute to our vibrant museum and art collective, bringing women's creative expression and stories to the forefront!

Our museum exhibits solo and group shows, including Intentional Creativity student work, hosts artists' interviews, exciting events, and a wonderful magazine and blog. We also house an incredible permanent collection that includes art and artifacts from our Enduring Matriarchal Art Lineage at our physical Musea, Sonoma location!

We offer dynamic forms of engagement including...

Monthly LIVE virtual museum shows

Contribution opportunities to our digital magazine

Open calls for art and exhibitions

Online circle and creativity experiences

Our vision is to uplift artists through robust art education, activism, community connection, and art scholarships.

Musea is the collective name for our membership-based and artist-run Museum, University, and Art Community shaped and informed by the world's largest Global Art Movement - Intentional Creativity - a creative practice and philosophy of making art with mindfulness, rooted in our enduring matriarchal lineage that spans over 100 years! The practice of Intentional Creativity is the common thread of our work.


Musea Membership is just $10/month. If you are not already a member, we will provide you more information when you enroll in Color of Woman.

As a Musea Member, you will have the opportunity to gather with our global community on a regular basis in our monthly virtual circles, viewing incredible art, and practicing your own creative self-expression. While women make up over 50% of the world’s art makers, we represent less than 5% of those being exhibited in museums and galleries. It's time to tell a new story!

As a Musea member, you are invited to bring your dreams and our collective dreams into reality.

Take a Virtual Tour of our physical Museum and University Headquarters in Sonoma, California!

Enjoy a selection of our Exhibitions and Museum Shows!

Kinship With Creation Solo Exhibit
Featuring Musea Curator and Lead Muse,
Artist Shiloh Sophia

Fierce, Fabulous & Feminine Solo Show
Featuring Intentional Creativity Teacher, Elder and Guild Member, Phyllis Anne Taylor

Hats in a Pandemic Museum Show
Hosted by Co-Curator, Amber Gould, featuring the work of multimedia artist, Lizz Daniels

Artist Interview hosted by Curator, Shiloh Sophia,
Featuring Senegalese Artist, Kine Aw and special guest Intentional Creativity Elder and Teacher, Semerit Strachan

Photos at MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Museum Sonoma

Kinship With Creation Exhibit, 2021

Kinship With Creation Exhibit, 2021

Kinship With Creation Exhibit, 2021

She Carries Me Class, 2020

Color of Woman Artist Gathering, 2019

Invocation Red Thread Guide Gathering 2018

Creating Year of Pleasure Books in 2019

Amazing meal prepared by Chef Jonathan McCloud

Invocation Red Thread Guide Gathering 2019

LIVE band, 3 On A Match for Shiloh Sophia's Birthday Party, 2019

She Carries Me Class with musician, Jennifer Berezan

Muse Days Class from 2019 with women and youth

Color of Woman students admiring their collective artwork at Musea, Sonoma Center for Intentional Creativity

Our Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum site imusea.org is where our members and followers can go to experience the incredible art, storytelling, activism, and creative engagement our emergent Museum offers.

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We hope you enjoy your exploration of our Virtual Museum!