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Color of Woman 2021 Intentional Creativity® Teacher Certification  

Color of Woman taught me how to reach for the broader love, the higher thought, the deeper service. To say Shiloh Sophia changed my life is not a powerful enough statement to make. I actually never intended to paint or draw again in my life after my 40-year career ended nearly 20 years ago. I have been Born, not reborn. Born as an Artist, Revived as a Teacher, and the greatest part- Born in learning how to Serve… and pay the gift forward. ~Intentional Creativity Teacher, Sherle Stevens

Join us for this Quest of a Lifetime, as you voyage deep into your Soul Work!

Applications for the 2021 Priority Enrollment Cycle are OPEN NOW through November 18th. Apply now and receive $1,000 tuition savings + access to preparatory materials to get ready for your nine-month quest starting in March.

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This Application and Interview is very interactive as Shiloh Sophia invites you to questions and inquiry via pre-recorded video. There is a $100 application fee that goes towards your training tuition.

*Please scroll down to review suggestions for the best experience.

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Color of Woman has no barriers. From women in their 20s to our elders in their 80s. Every woman who is called, is invited to join us! Each year we have women say YES from all over the world - United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and other countries and islands across the map. 

A Red Thread Runs Through Us by Intentional Creativity Teacher, Phyllis Taylor

With over 400 graduates by the time our 2020 students graduate this November, we ask you, where will your dot be on our map of Global Intentional Creativity Teachers, Coaches and Red Thread Guides!

Some of the comments from the last graduating class of 2019...

'The best experience of my life...' 'I thought I knew who I was before, I had no idea what I didn't know. I am me now! Finally!' 'This community is one of the most loving inclusive groups of women I have ever worked with. I plan to stick around for the long haul' 'This was the most powerful year of my entire life. Beyond life-changing' 'Shiloh Sophia is a gifted teacher unlike anyone I have ever experienced.' 'Intentional Creativity has changed my life and how I do everything. It all makes sense now." 'I have worked all of my life as a healer and shaman, and no experience has prepared me for what I am here to do now, like Color of Woman.' 'This was the missing piece in my education and my life as a whole. Color of Woman brought it all together. I am so grateful' 'Lifelong friendships have been forged here. I am at home, I found my tribe' 'I can finally say I am an artist! I have waited all of my life to claim this!' 

Color of Woman Graduation in 2019 at 1440 Multiversity in Santa Cruz, California

Do you feel the call? 

Suggestions for the best experience, please read BEFORE you begin so you are prepared for this exciting adventure!

Your next step is the Application Interview with Shiloh Sophia.

This is not a live interview. Rather, Shiloh Sophia connects with you via pre-recorded video to ask questions, inquiries and invite you to really consider what it would mean to say YES to joining us for this life-altering, alchemical quest into the heart of your own Soul Work.

Whether you know Color of Woman is for you, or are still unsure, consider filling out the application to see how it feels and what your mind, heart and body experience as you answer the questions. You will likely know at that point whether you wish to move forward and submit your application.    

Filling out the Interview and Application may take about an hour, depending on how much you share with us. We hope that just filling out the application can be a discovery process for you and that you will take your time. This is not a test and is not about how well you write. Bring it from the heart.  

You cannot save your work due to privacy laws. HOWEVER, you can simultaneously have a document open and copy your answers so you have them in case of an issue with the internet or the platform. We suggest using a desktop computer as SOME have been able to manage with a hand-held/phone, but some have not and have lost their work.  > As you fill out the form, we recommend copying your answers into a document or notepad as you go, in case an error occurs or you need to come back later. You cannot save an in process form (due to privacy laws). We also recommend using a desktop computer rather than mobile device as there can be glitches with phones/ipads.

How about a cuppa tea with the Maestra? You will learn most of what you need to know about the training during the application. She will also review the commitment and basic Core Online investment. Enjoy the experience as it is informative about your journey!  

There is a $100 Deposit at the completion of the application. This deposit goes towards your future investment. By applying you are stating your intent to be considered for the training, and if accepted, to join us on our journey for March 2021. If you are not accepted, your fee will be refunded. Your decision to submit the application will come at the end of the process. Go here to learn more about the tuition for the training.

Your first step is to apply for the Core Online Training. You will hear from us within three business days regarding acceptance into the training or next steps.

Shiloh Sophia filming Legend: MYSTIC, the pre-requisite course for Color of Woman

How do I ask a question? 

We encourage you to review this website and ensure you have educated yourself about the training. We do our best to share as much as we can to support you in learning what Color of Woman is all about and feeling empowered to make the decision that feels right for you.

Then, if you have a question please contact the following team members:

If your question is about the logistics or curriculum of the Training, please contact Color of Woman Director of Curriculum - Jenafer Owen:

If your question is about tuition, payment plans or financial need contact Musea Director of Communications - Sarah Mardell:

If your question is more personal, you can email Shiloh Sophia directly.

We will guide you every step of the path to prepare for your quest!

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"Everyone has a sacred assignment. Some of us are in contact with it directly and some of us haven't been able to listen as deeply as is needed to gain access. It is there though, calling in the darkness, wondering when the time will come that soul work can begin to live in flying colors. So much of what we spend our time doing doesn't feel connected to the soul. Creativity is nurturing for the soul and creates resiliency for the spirit. When we can live out creative lives and also serve others, the sacred assignment can thrive."  

~ Shiloh Sophia, Founder of Color of Woman School 

I cannot even imagine my life without Intentional Creativity. This has changed the entire focus of my life. Every day begins with intention and creation.” ~ Annette Wagner : United States