Archetypes and The Alchemical Compass

In each Archetype we encounter on the quest, we embody, paint, write and learn

You are encouraged to Teach during the training as soon as you feel ready and are called. Yes, you can earn while you learn!

We are excited to share with you the fullest and most comprehensive intuitive painting teacher training on the planet! You will create 5 major archetypal paintings as a body of work through the context of a chosen vision for 9 months. We begin with the heart of your Legendary Self, then move around the alchemical compass to each Archetype.  

Color of Woman is a Quest. You are searching for YOUR own unique content. All of the work we do together is approached from within the context that you are on your own personal quest, as well as the quest to become an Intentional Creativity Teacher. 

This dynamic duo causes transformation so life altering that we need a VERY clear container - hence the compass and archetypes. The intensity of the structure creates the freedom for you to explore... 

During the training we will be journeying through five terrains, moving around a medicine wheel we call The Alchemical Compass. It is alchemical because so much of who we are is being transformed, integrated and catalyzed (lit on fire). As we journey into each terrain, we will explore material specific to that place, which prepares us for the next part of the path. 

All the while you are building the body of work required for Certification in painting, writing and actions that open your future.

If you feel you have a sacred assignment waiting to be brought forth, the training provides the container in which you define, articulate and communicate your soul work. We are dedicated to giving you the tools to bring creativity to life in your practice and path. ~ Shiloh Sophia

Connect with your Identity! The Archetype which is in the heart of the compass, is your Legendary Self, your internal storyteller and image maker. The story of your life informs all of her choices, so we start with HER and she begins to re-organize your universe. Yes, she is where the warning label comes in! 

Legend is the Pre-Requisite Course for Color of Woman. Continue reading to learn more or click here.

Next we move to to Muse (North), Artist (East), Alchemist (South) and Visionary (West). By the end of the training you arrive back at the heart of your story, the Center. This is the place where you become a Teacher if you choose and receive your invitation to the Guild of Intentional Creativity.

Featured here is Shiloh Sophia's Legend Painting from our 2017 Cosmic Cowgirls Course, Oracle and Ally.

Color of Woman Curriculum

These paintings are from a 2019 Graduate who gave herself Color of Woman as a present for her 60th birthday! Each is one of the 5 Archetypal paintings you will create with your own flavor and style during the training. Get ready for BIG strokes and BOLD color!

Archetype: Legendary Self ~ Center

PAINTING FOUNDATION I: Pre-Requisite in the Intentional Creativity Method (scroll down to learn more)

Connect with the storyteller at the heart of your identity.

Archetype: Muse ~ North

PAINTING FOUNDATION II: Gain ACCESS to the Territory of the Muse

The Story: How will I define my quest? Gather your stories and carve a chart for your course. 

The Call: How do I navigate from within? Answer the call to adventure and learn to navigate your path. 

Archetype: Artist ~ East

PAINTING FOUNDATION III: Embody Your Power to CREATE Your Own Content

The Creation: What was I born to create? Access your own unique content and begin to bring it into form. 

The Claiming: What is the creative life I will claim for myself? Claim yourself as a creative being worthy of a self-expressed life.

Archetype: Alchemist ~ South

PAINTING FOUNDATION IV: Claim Your Choice to Be at Cause for Transformation

The Devotion: What and who am I devoted to? Connect with the love for your Beloveds and your Source. 

The Transformation: What will I transform? Begin to live from your passionately empowered Soul Work. 

Archetype: Visionary ~ West

PAINTING FOUNDATION V: CAUSE Your Soul Work in the World as Life Work

The Vision: What do I do with my dreams? Take on the sacred mantle of Visionary Arstist and Teacher. 

Archetype: Intentional Creativity Teacher and Guild Member ~ Center

Return to the center of the Alchemical Compass at the Heart, become a Graduate and Teacher of Intentional Creativity and enter the Guild, our ongoing community of Graduates sharing their sacred work and working together as colleagues and partners and sisters.

Some paintings from our 2019 class

It's important to know that you do not have to be an experienced painter, most of our students are not. Many who were professional college trained artists say they learned more about painting from Shiloh Sophia, a rogue artist, than they did in school! WHA??? You can also find shares from our graduates here.

Artist Talisman : My Vision is Clear by Margie Bettiol

Legend by Sherle Stevens

Visionary by Sherre Hulbert

Alchemist Soulfire by Angela Hernandez

Muse : Beyond the Veil by Martha Linden

Artist Talisman : She Who is Present with Beauty by Kelly Crandall

About LEGEND: MYSTIC, The Pre-Requisite for Color of Woman

LEGEND is your first of 5 Archetypal Paintings for the Color of Woman Training. We ask that each student take this course as it creates the foundational story, legend and mythos for your nine-month quest.

If you have already taken Legend within the last 10 years, then the pre-requisite requirement is fulfilled. Many students choose to do a fresh painting of their Legend, to discover fresh wisdom and insight, especially if it has been a couple of years or more.

We have an exciting weeklong Virtual Community Gathering called VIVID, happening November 1-7, 2020. Legend will be taught as the core curriculum during VIVID and the theme is painting our MYSTIC Archetype. This event includes wonderful events and LIVE sessions with Shiloh Sophia and some of our most well-practiced Intentional Creativity Teachers.

Learn all about VIVID and Legend here.

*Tuition is separate from Color of Woman, and is $750 with a generous payment plan available. Partial scholarships are available based on self-identified need. We will work with students who choose to apply for Color of Woman.

Thank you Shiloh Sophia! Your teachings changed my life many times in the last 9 years. I've done 3 Legends and signed up for VIVID because I'm ready for the next shift. The last Legend Oracle and Ally was mind-blowing! Many symbols I painted in 2019 for Legend I saw happened in 2020 - I am the Oracle! My consciousness (sub and un-consciousness) already knew what was coming. This experience made me see myself in a new way. Thank you again! ~ Intentional Creativity Teacher, Evelyne Verret


This program is life changing, the expanded experience of self discovery and ongoing community is one that is ever deepening. Through the years after the coursework, I continue to engage with our Circle as well as developing my steady painting practice, selling my art and engaging in one on one mentoring. Intentional Creativity empowers the evolution of my work and original voice in the world. ~ Kendall Scott : United States

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