Color of Woman will open for registration soon. We begin October 1, 2021. The pre-requisite course is Legend and begins August 1st. Learn more here:

Core Online Training

If you are intrigued and interested in taking Color of Woman, here are the details regarding what is included in the Core Online Training, and how it is delivered.

You might be wondering "Do I have time for a training like this?" Color of Woman is an investment of resources - your time, energy and finances. This is a quest that goes deep into the heart of your soul work and does require that you show up for yourself to complete your Certification. That said, we have women join us who are mothers, full-time workers, caregivers of elderly parents, in college, as well as retired. 

We have been delivering online classes since the beginning of online classes, starting in 2010. We have a very structured flow of information you can count on and also space for you to work through the curriculum at a pace that works for you and your schedule. In the beginning, we suggest 6-10 hours per week as you get into your own groove and can assess what is needed based on your working pace. 

We provide you assignments throughout the nine-months. These include the 5 Archetypal Paintings, which you can read about here, as well as written assignments and hands-on sessions and workshops which can be taught online. All of your assignments will be included in what is called your Initiate Book, and that will be compiled as we go along and submitted at the end of the training as completion of your Certification. We provide instruction for how to do this so you feel supported through the process.

Color of Woman: Intentional Creativity Teacher Training is a 9 month quest starting March - November 2021

Upon acceptance and enrollment, our team begins to prepare you for this Quest of a lifetime. You are supported before and after the training from our team - usually a year and a half is our minimum cycle of support for most students transitioning into the training, graduation and then into the Intentional Creativity Guild. 

The first painting and pre-requisite for Color of Woman is Legend and usually begins in January. This gives you time to finish your painting before we begin in March. You may view the training curriculum here.

Born this Way: Legendary Self Portrait by Shiloh Sophia

Core Online Training Delivery

Each student receives a multi-media rich experience delivered through a private online classroom, twice monthly LIVE Zoom Calls and connection with students and our support team through our iMusea community app. 

Here is a broad scope of what you receive, including a wealth of resources, classes, videos, community interaction, support from graduates and so much more... 

Teaching Modules from Shiloh Sophia: How to lead Red Thread Circles, Intentional Creativity Sessions + 13 Step Intentional Creativity Workshops

  • 5 Foundational Major Painting Modules
  • The Intentional Creativity Guide 250+ pages
  • Red Thread Circle Guide 290+ pages
  • 10+ Intentional Creativity Session Templates and Teachings
  • 5+ Intentional Creativity Painting Course Templates
  • Over 100 hours of Teaching Videos (~average of 3 hrs. of instructional viewing per week)

Community, Circles, Coaching and Communications

  • Twice Monthly Community Circles with Business Coach, Mary MacDonald and Guest Teachers using zoom.
  • Monthly Community Circle with Shiloh Sophia and Musea Members using zoom.
  • Graduate Support Team and Private Community Classroom inside the iMusea app.
  • Two Private Coaching Sessions with Mary MacDonald to support you with the business vision of your Intentional Creativity work.
  • Weekly email focusing and tracking ongoing assignments through Certification with Curriculum Director, Jenafer Owen

To provide a more interactive and intimate experience, we use Zoom Technology for our calls. You can join us via video or phone. Here is a photo from our Red Thread Guide Certification Training. It's so cool to SEE each other in our own environments! If you haven't used Zoom, it's very user friendly and we will provide a tutorial.

Materials for the Training

It's lots of FUN to prepare your home studio and painting space! Know that you can start with some basics and add to your studio supplies as you are able to. You will need

  • 5 large canvas
  • Easle or Hang Canvas on a wall
  • Acrylic paint w/ pallette
  • Set of brushes
  • Spray bottle

Registered students receive a full materials list for the training.  

We use Golden brand paint as it is high quality and does not cause potential issues that can happen with cheaper paints, but use what works for you and splurge on yourself when there is a sale at your local crafts store! 

Photo from Musea: Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California, featuring Shiloh Sophia's kitty, Diego.

Paint Brushes are Magic Wands!


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