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For Questions about the Color of Woman: Intentional Creativity® Teacher Training, please contact Jenafer Owen: She is the Director of Curriculum and can answer questions you may have about the training.

If your question is related to tuition, contact Sarah Mardell: and she can work with you on fine-tuning your investment needs or if you have an issue with the application or questions about the process. She can also put you in touch to speak with a Graduate if you like.

If your question is more personal, you can email Shiloh Sophia directly.

To reach us by phone: Toll-Free (888) 385-6866

Are you a member of the Red Thread Cafe Classroom? This is our private community group on Facebook where creatives gather to connect, share what's in our cup, post photos of what we are working on, and more! Every Wednesday a dedicated Intentional Creativity Teacher is available for support, and we encourage you to post your 'WIP', works in progress. 

We would love for you to join us! Request access here. Your request should be approved within a couple of days. Please contact our team should you need assistance:

"Thank you, from the bottom of my heart all the way through to the portals open to my soul, I have grown, I have blossomed, I have fallen in love, I have used my hands to create, uncover and discover the breadth of beauty available to me!"

~ Cassie Bull : United States

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