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Teach Intentional Creativity® Online

"For women to be empowered in the emergent era of virtual learning, it is essential for us to have command over our technology. For over 16 years, I have taught online and guided others to bring their material online. Learning how to offer drawing and painting to clients around the world will be the key to your success in Color of Woman." ~ Shiloh Sophia

Color of Woman 2020: Zoom Graduation Ceremony

What if you could create and deliver a course connected to your soul work completely online?

If this has you shaking in your boots, you're not alone. Navigating the online world is often scary or may feel daunting until we dive in and give it a try. The pandemic has brought upon a new marketplace in which learning to teach and create connections online is more important than ever before.

What if you knew you had the support of our community to help guide you and graduates you could collaborate with to learn online teaching methods together?

We believe that we can thrive in uncertain times. It does take some innovation, savvy, and a new way of working, yet we are committed to supporting our students in learning to lead and create sacred space in the online world.

Those who apply by September 3rd will be invited to attend a daylong workshop focused on learning how you will teach Intentional Creativity® online once you graduate from Color of Woman. This event happens LIVE in October and will also be recorded. You will be guided by the MUSEA Guild members who are graduates of Color of Woman. Yep! We love when women come back after the training and teach as part of our MUSEA Faculty.

Here's what you will learn to...

  • Create Sacred Space using Zoom - You can trust that we know what we're doing, though we too are riding the wave of the ever-changing technology world. MUSEA Intentional Creativity® leads an average of 5 zoom calls and classes per week (20+ per month), and we create sacred space for 200+ women to feel connected and witnessed. We have created a process we use and refine all the time. We will share it with you!
  • Lead and Painting Online - Shiloh Sophia has been teaching online for over 16 years. She and our graduates will show you how to teach simple Intentional Creativity® Sessions + more advanced painting workshops. You will be able to practice this first-hand during the training and receive support with your questions.
  • Create basic sales and sign-up pages - Whether you choose to offer a free class, or a tuition-based workshop or course, we will be sharing online technologies needed in order to gain online clients.

Experiencing success online often does not happen overnight, yet if you are committed and stick with it, you will realize the greater potential in yourself and feel more empowered to create your own income and even livelihood from offering online experiences.

Use a digital camera or smartphone camera to allow your students to watch you give instruction

Learn how to connect with your students online

Get Inspired to launch your online Intentional Creativity® offer by watching videos and reading written shares from just a few of our many graduates who are offering their work online.

Go Grandma Go!

Meet Phyllis Taylor, a 70+-year-old Intentional Creativity® Teacher who chose to take Color of Woman so she could be a Legend for her grandchildren and leave a legacy. The first video was recorded in 2017 when Phyllis came to MUSEA in Sonoma, California to teach with Shiloh Sophia during the Visionary Gathering. We invite you to watch and be inspired by her journey, which also includes an amazing painting she did for our community, A Red Thread Runs Through Us.

During the Pandemic, when Phyllis could no longer teach classes in person, she braved the online world. On a recent Zoom call, we invited Phyllis to talk about bringing her work online, which included creating her own free art challenge and delivering an online course. If a 70-year-old grandma can do it, so can you! Learn about Phyllis and her work:

I Am Legend by Phyllis Taylor

Team up with fellow Graduates!

Intentional Creativity® Teachers Tania Magennis (from Australia) and Rosie Mac (from New Zealand), have teamed up and created an online course called ARISE: A Conscious Awakening Through a Cosmic Lens.

Here is the video they created together to introduce their offering. Check out the amazing sales page for the ARISE Course. They created it themselves using a Wix website.

Some of our graduates choose to collaborate for both online and in-person offerings. Having a supporting sister to build your confidence in leading your own courses and workshops is a wonderful opportunity that our graduates receive through staying connected after the training completes inside our private iMusea app.

Visit Tania's site:
Visit Rosie's site:

Tania and Rosie are also members of our Musea Team, supporting our Red Thread Cafe community classroom on Facebook.

Tania filmed this video to talk about her experience bringing her creative business online and learning to use different technologies.

She is Knowing by Rosie Mac

From one edge dweller to another...

In this video, Intentional Creativity® Teacher, Ally Markotich, shares about her path to Intentional Creativity® and how she teaches both in-person and online workshops to bring her sacred work forward into a creative business called Soul Kindling

Soul Mama by Ally Markotich

Create Potent Bursts of Intentional Creativity®

Jenafer Joy is the Director of Curriculum for many of our trainings and courses. She has been with Color of Woman since 2012 and has created many of her own online offerings. Jena has a gift for using Visual Journaling to spark inquiry and creativity. She makes short, fun, and potent videos like this using collage to express and go deeper into self-discovery.

Learn about Jena and her work:

Here is Jena, Shiloh and Hazel, Jena's daughter and Shiloh's God-Daughter, who has been painting along with us since she could hold a paintbrush!

Adapt to a changing marketplace

Intentional Creativity® Teacher Gisela Piniero lives in Perth Australia and also leads in-person and online experiences. She is a part of our Musea Team and supports groups within the iMusea App. She also has a gift for teaching students how to use online technologies without feeling overwhelmed. Learn about her work:

Revolutionary Evolutionary Spark by Gisela Piniero

Teach In-Person and Online

"Color of Woman has helped me actualize the skills I needed to step out and teach Intentional Creativity® on my own. Since graduating, I have run weekend workshops, as well as a year-long online women's moon circle program, and one on one online painting sessions. Transitioning to online classes has brought unexpected joys. I really enjoyed creating the training videos for the students and setting up the online portal. I also love the fact that I am able to create just as deep an experience online as in person due to the way I have learned to hold space. It has been empowering to be paid for the work I am doing and acknowledged by my students for the talents that I bring to them."

~Jacquie Shenton, 2018 Graduate Stamford, United Kingdom

Learn about her work:

Here are photos from a couple of Jacquie's in-person workshops.

The sky is the limit!

"The Color of Woman Teacher Training is not just a way to teach others about intention and creativity through paint, but a way to actually live your life with meaning and joy! I learned the value of a heart-centered connection with my own inner self. The processes I learned were fun, engaging, and deeply transformational. One of the reasons I signed up for the program was that I wanted to learn a way to teach others, not just the power of creativity, but the power of a method that actually uses paint to help me process my questions, my emotions, and my longings. This Intentional Creativity® method is really proving potent at this moment in 2021. I have been able to transition some of my energy healing beloveds to not only having sessions online but to also add painting processes that help them transform their anxiety and roadblocks into freedom and flow. It is so satisfying to see their transformations to their own empowerment and that I am able to share what I have learned with others.  

I offer, Paint It to Change It™, private 2-hour sessions that combine energy healing and acrylic paint to connect with and transform major life issues and achieve goals. These sessions can be scheduled at the pace that is most helpful during this time. Each 2-hour session is $200 and includes a personalized process that both acts as a bridge to your next step, and builds on the layer of the previous painting.

I am so glad to be able to teach over Zoom! I consider myself an introvert and it feels awesome to have the feeling of a private space that is shared. I love how the barriers of the world fall away and I'm able to help people in different states and even different countries. I love not having to rent a workshop space or buy & pack supplies. I love the flexibility with my schedule and that this process allows space for each of us to move through our paintings; feeling supported and yet not feeling pressured.  It also helps that so much of the world is using video conferencing to literally live a new paradigm of connection. 

I create sacred space for my beloveds by first visualizing them receiving light & support from Sky Above and Earth Below. I teach them how to set up their own sacred space so we both arrive at our session feeling a sense of calm and purpose.

I offer many thanks & blessings to Shiloh Sophia, Uma Joy, and the totally supportive staff at Musea. Since I've graduated in 2019, I've increased my private practice income by 30% and am on track to offer pre-recorded Transformational Paint courses and coaching programs by the end of this year!"

~ Anne LaBrie, 2019 Graduate

Learn more about Anne and her work:

Muse of Grace by Anne LaBrie

Sharing Sacred Experiences & Connection thru Tech

The below photos are from an annual 13-moon course we offer at MUSEA called The Red Madonna. Shiloh Sophia, along with guests Anasuya Isaacs and Lavender Grace, brought students a sacred experience using the red thread of connection with technology.

The second photo gives you an idea of just how techie we can get at Musea :-). We are very grateful to have 'the man behind the camera', Jonathan McCloud on our team to help us deliver the kinds of experiences we do.

We hope reading this page and watching videos from our graduates has inspired you to consider how you can bring your own sacred work online. These are just a few examples of many of our graduates who are choosing to embrace this new business paradigm.

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