A Day of Creativity and Ritual Dedicated to the Divine Feminine

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In Her Image is a Ritual Painting Journey to Reveal the Ancient Future Feminine for You, By You, As You

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Shiloh's studio space at Musea Center in Sonoma California

Discover the Alchemical Compass of the Five Feminine Archetypes that we study at MUSEA University and in our global community.

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The Divine Feminine is a spiritual over-arching concept that refers to the feminine aspect of Creator, or the Divine Power that exists in all living beings and the universe. Her qualities are known in many traditions in different ways - Sophia, Shakti, Shekinah, Guadalupe, Magdalene, Quan Yin and yin in the yin and yang. She is often associated with the moon, the earth, water, birth, death and rebirth.

The Divine Feminine represents qualities such as intuition, compassion, nurturing, connection, love, sensuality and matriarchy. By matriarchy we mean that decisions for the village include and are held within the wisdom of the Mother. She is a sacred source of energy, wisdom and experience that can be accessed by anyone, regardless of gender identity or spiritual tradition. Search your own tradition and you will likely find Her, even if She has been hidden.

The Divine Feminine extends well beyond one belief system, and can be seen as a spiritual counterpart to the masculine, if one chooses.. Bringing awareness to the Divine Feminine and Her image is of great significance in today’s world, when we are going through various levels of crisis, particularly ecological ones - and 8,000 years of suppression against women and our image is part of that crisis. At a juncture like this, where our own capabilities, science, technology and enterprise are threatening life on earth, the Divine Feminine as a mothering presence of innate wisdom and comfort is so much needed.

The miracle of Her is this - Her image can be found around the entire world. The Divine Feminine never went anywhere, we went away from Her. To call her back to ourselves, a wonderful journey is that of Ritual Painting.

Shiloh Sophia painting the Feminine in a class called Bella Mama

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A Message from Curate Shiloh Sophia

I often hear women say...The Divine Feminine is returning. And while that is true, the reality is She hasn't gone ANYWHERE. We have.

Through image, let us return our awareness to Her in the same way that She has revealed herself to us throughout time for the past 100k years.

I have been painting HER and being in ritual with Her presence for 30 years. I want to share what I have learned with you.

We will also share about the Intentional Creativity® Teacher Training called Color of Woman and offer thousands of dollars of scholarships.

Let's gather together across the world to explore Her image in us.

Our experience has four parts.

1. Learn some of the history that has been hidden through the dominant era. See a timeline of the past 100k years that shows a very different story than the one being taught to us.

2. Discover a way to connect with Her, whoever She is for you. The truth is, She is present in every single spiritual tradition, including mono-theism. Find Her where you are.

3. Create a step-by-step painting that you can continue to work on after our class centering on the Divine Feminine. You can't get this wrong - open hearts and open eyes - all are welcome.

We gathered in August 2023 at the MUSEA Center for Intentional Creativity in Sonoma, California, these are the staff that were present.

L to R: Kathleen, Anasuya, Sylvia, Lauren, Sumaiyah, Michelle, Shiloh Sophia, Pamela, Milagros, Kelly, Trish and Lavender Grace

I share with you about the Color of Woman Training and how you can join us to study the five archetypes!

If we haven't met yet, I'm Shiloh Sophia. They don't have a name for the kind of archetype I am, but I made one up. I will tell you about it someday. For now, I'll share a few reasons why you might be willing to engage in Ritual Painting with someone you met online :)

Street Cred (or why working with me might be cool to try)

  • I have been teaching since I was 27 years old, I am 52, going on 53 now.
  • I have written 7 books on the topic I am sharing with you and sold tens of thousands of copies even though they are independently published by MOI!
  • I have my own app, where thousands of students interact with my teachings and aren't under the prying eye of social media and advertising.
  • I have run certification programs teaching what I do to others so they can share with others since 2010 and have over 700 graduates certified to teach.
  • I have taught at universities, hospitals, shelters, churches as well as street bars and saloons.

These days I teach from my classroom in Sonoma, California where I broadcast live to tens of thousands of people every year.