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Color of Woman 2020

Welcome! We invite you to watch these online events, recorded LIVE on December 3, to learn more about Metacognitive Consciousness, studying Intentional Creativity® and becoming an Intentional Creativity Teacher.

CALLED TO AWAKEN Class with Shiloh Sophia.  

Tune in and Learn Five Sacred Inquiries for Self Awareness + a simple yet potent Intentional Creativity Drawing process. Have paper and pen with you!  

You are welcome to connect with other creatives and share your process inside our private Red Thread Cafe Classroom. 

You can download the Sacred Inquiries PDF here to follow along with Shiloh Sophia if you like.

If you would like to teach like Shiloh Sophia in this class, we invite you to consider applying for Color of Woman 2020 : Intentional Creativity Teacher Training.

Watch Q&A Zoom Call for those interested in Intentional Creativity and Color of Woman 2020: With Shiloh Sophia and Guest Intentional Creativity Teachers, Lou Reed and Jassy Watson from Australia!

Apply for Color of Woman

COLOR OF WOMAN 2020 Intentional Creativity Teacher Certification  

A 9 month Online Certification Training with Gatherings in the United States, Australia & around the world! Founded by Shiloh Sophia in 2010

Color of Woman 2020

Resources to Learn More about Color of Woman

Watch this video with some of our Color of Woman graduates sharing what they are up to with teaching Intentional Creativity®.

Color of Woman School Blog
A Brush with Healing Intentional Creativity Movie
An Experience-Based Approach Overview 10/2019

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“My training as a Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher has sky-rocketed my joy and my offerings within the context of the coaching’s and trainings which I give! It is a powerful tool which deepens and accelerates this work not only for my clients but also for myself. Ever since working with this powerful tool my clients have increasingly said that Intentional Creativity is life changing and has brought my creativity and my ability and joy to manifest things back home to me. I can highly recommend this training … you will have this information forever and you will never be the same. Much joy to all those who decide to walk this path!” ~ Easula Sedlmaier : Germany

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