Falling In Love With the World

Poem by Shiloh Sophia

Falling in love with the world  

my sisters my brothers  

and all my in betweens  

let’s fall in love  

again again and again  


this place we live  

this very earth is  

our home, our paradise  

our mothership extraordinaire!  


flirt with the beauty  

summon the sensuality  

invite the splendor to dance  

give praise to every mountain  


let us see what there is  

not only what it is not  

let us see who there is  

not point at who we are not  


there are policies, treaties, rights,  

justices gone awry, translations  

polls, votes, sides and traditions  

cultures, cults and curiosities  


and all the while….  


there has to be days,  

entire long sun-filled blazing days  

thunder pounding heart pounding  

rain coming days of beauty blessed  


there has to be days  

days of laying in grass in rest  

resting on hillsides in sunshine  

spaces where sabbath takes us  


makes love to us in slowness  

naked slow dance at pink dawn  

nurture moonlight with parted lips  

pause to praise the darkness  


lift your breast to praise the light  

every creature, every plant, every bird,  

the rock, the tree, every spirit is our sibling  

our ancestor, our descendant, our love  


this is how we save what matters  

how we smile into adversity  

how our renegade spirit finds delight  

how we fall in love with the world  


and all the while…  


there are days for naming,  

days for blaming and even  

days we feel ashamed of being  

but… more days are made for loving  


more days are made for loving  

than we ever imagined could be  

all that is required is your presence,  

your devoted company  


pull up a chair  

set down your weary bags  

take off the shoes of gravity  

listen to the wind in trees  


falling in love with the world  

happens in a second,  

it could be this one for you,  

this very second can be your union  


if we do not fall in love with the world again  

the lights will go out  

the fights will shout  

the doubt will destroy our knowing  


and all the while….  


fall in love with your craft  

pull out your colors and songs  

reset your altar and devotions  

embrace the impossible beauty of this  


know what you know  

love what you love  

stop withholding your glory  

show us who you are  


show us who you are  

we need you, I need you  

this world has need of your company  

pull up a chair, I will meet you there  


falling in love with the world  

is not only for mystics, for the gifted  

this is for you, for me,  

for every being, every river, every wind  


lay your head upon your family  

lay your face upon the table of time  

lay your burdens at the foot of longing  

choose to fall in love with the world  



do you hear me?  

~ Shiloh Sophia  

For the Red Thread Guides Class of 2019